About Sturt Palms

Sturt Palms is owned and operated by Auscare which is a family-owned Australian business. We own and operate only four exclusive retirement villages in Adelaide with just over 200 rooms in total. Auscare retirement villages are all about choice and independence for our residents. We do our best to encourage our residents to engage in a rich social, cultural and recreational life by taking care of all the other details for them.

Safety and security are vital requirements for our residents. In case of an emergency, we have 24 hour emergency response systems in place to ensure our residents promptly receive the attention they require. There's no need to move from your new harmonious surroundings if your assistance needs change.

Auscare offers care when you need it, independence when you don't.

Auscare boasts the best of big and small. We offer a specialised, tailored service with the backing of our solid and reputable company. Each of our villages employs committed managers and 24 hour carers on site, but also has the buying power of the entire group of villages at its disposal. This ultimately means our residents reap the cost savings, while also enjoying access to top quality food, medications, care facilities and grounds maintenance. Yet compared to larger organisations, we are able to dedicate so much more one-on-one time to our residents.